Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI)

We believe that everyone benefits when we embrace the thoughts, ideas and ways of working that people from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures bring. Welcoming team members from all walks of life and providing equality of opportunity for all has always been important to us and underpins our people strategy.

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Championing diversity

We are committed to actively making our business more diverse at every level and doing everything we can to create an empowering and inclusive environment for all.

We are one global team of people from different cultural and social backgrounds. When we come together, it enables us to think bigger, innovate and see the world with a fresh perspective.



Meet Stacey.

My first role with Radius wasn’t the right fit for me in hindsight, I wasn’t doing as well as I would have liked. Lisa Stockton, who originally interviewed me was really supportive through this period, had it not been for her I probably would have left. Lisa actually found a different role for me across the business that was a better fit for my skills and personality and after this I flourished and started to do really well and enjoy myself.

The great thing about Radius is that they are willing to support career moves and transitions and find the right fit for the person, as a result I found my ‘home’ and stayed in my second role for a long time. I went from strength to strength with Lisa, she got me to where I needed to be and I’ve now had a nineteen-year career with the business, I am so grateful to her for that second opportunity.

I had never done sales before, but I could tell how friendly the business was and it felt like a good fit. I have to admit, I have had low moments over the years which is to be expected in sales. I have always had really supportive managers at these points who generally knew what I needed, be it a pep talk or to be challenged. One thing I can honestly say is that every single manager I’ve worked with at Radius has given me something to take away. Whether that be a piece of information or guidance to help me progress, or the support I received through pregnancy and maternity.

It’s in the harder moments, whether that be personal or professional that I really realised how much the business did care about me as an individual and the genuine willingness to support. It’s in the moments that matter where it really counts and is probably why I will now never leave.

If I could talk to my younger self when I started in the role all those years ago, I would probably tell myself to treat it as a career because that is what it has become, rather than just another job. I have made a great career in sales and could not imagine myself doing anything else. If you try hard and get your head down, you can fly! This role has got me my first flat at 18, my first house at 22 and now I have a lovely car and lifestyle. I’m not ashamed to say I’m motivated by money, its what gets me up in the morning and gives me my drive. I’ve been rewarded with holidays, tickets, technology… all sorts really over the years.

It’s a friendly, sociable place to work, very much a work hard, play hard environment. It’s not hierarchical and a lot of people that were here when I first started are still here today which I think speaks volumes. It’s as much about the people as it is the money.

If I could describe Radius in three words it would be: determined, inspiring and friendly.


Women’s Network Event 2022

Do the best you can, where you are, with what you’ve got… This month Radius had the privilege of hearing from Francesca Halsall, three-time Olympian, World, Commonwealth and European champion, who gave us her hints and tips on performance:

You don’t have to be the most gifted in the room… it’s all about mindset and actions and having the right attitude to make a difference. Doing the best you can, where you are, with what you have got.

Be your own role model… you can change your career and be whoever you want. If you apply the same principles of the right mindset, skills and actions you can be who you want to be. For Fran, this is going from Olympic swimmer to a career in nuclear engineering!

The power of a great team and network… is that you build purpose, trust, communication and commitment. If you have a strong network around you, pulling in the same direction and with a common goal, you can achieve what you want to achieve.

It’s not all about the big stuff… consistency is the difference between success or not. You have to focus on those non negotiables, the boring stuff daily, the stuff that actually makes a difference. If you do this every day the rest will come through.

There is nothing wrong with playing to your strengths… we tend to worry about our weaknesses and look at what we can do to improve on the things we are not so good at, but why? Why not focus on your strengths and make them even better. Spend time celebrating your strengths and focus on what you are good at!

The gospel according to Fran… is taking responsibility for your actions and getting motivated. It’s managing your emotions. It’s playing to your strengths and finding your non negotiables. Not a bad gospel to sing along to!



Different perspectives are valuable. By working collaboratively, we listen, we learn and we make the best decisions together.

Kerry, Digital Director